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Since 1993, WIHO (Women’s Ice Hockey Organization), is the largest group of stick-wielding women playing ice hockey in Hong Kong. Ice hockey has been the national sport in Canada for over a century and “the coolest game on the earth” has spread to all areas of the world, including Asia.

Our focus is to introduce the women in this region to a completely new sporting experience. WIHO welcomes any interested players of any gender, age, skill level and nationality. Today, WIHO has become the organization in Hong Kong that players go to truly develop their game.

We are a non-profit group that aims to bring enthusiastic people together from various backgrounds and give each person an opportunity to try out this addictive game. In addition to the casual atmosphere of the learning experience, WIHO does take the sport to the competitive level and organizes teams to participate in various leagues and tournaments in the region.

Adrienne Li – Head Organizer
Ali” aka Squirrel has been keeping WIHO alive and kickin’ since 1997. This superwoman juggles working, playing and goaltending on at least four hockey teams, running the WIHO Tuesday practices, training for marathon hikes, solving numerical puzzles, and preying on fellow poker players.... without breaking a sweat!

Rebecca Chin - Operations
Becks”, the wildest one of the group, has been with WIHO from the start and has proven each year that she is one of the best students of the game. Aside from being one of the steadiest defencemen in Hong Kong, she is one of the strongest drinkers as well!
Betty Lai – Marketing/Design
Bets”, the creative mastermind behind all our WIHO artwork, is the quiet one behind the scenes that keeps WIHO running smoothly.  This beauty has appeared on local national TV and is penned as our official WIHO spokesperson!
Vivian Low – Operations
Vivs” is one of the fiercest competitors on the ice. This pint-sized chilli pepper keeps everyone in line at WIHO. Every successful team and organization needs an enforcer and ...she’s our woman!


16 March 1978 - 6 February 2011

With great sadness, Sammie has left us peacefully on 6th February 2011 in Vancouver. She was truly strong, brave and a fighter, the Sammie we all knew and truly loved. Words cannot express how much we loved Sammie and what a wonderful and an amazing person she was.

Sammie was a pivotal member of WIHO who was a role model and inspiration to many players. Sammie selflessly and passionately supported WIHO. Her passion in women's hockey in Hong Kong was evident as she helped and continuously supported WIHO in Hong Kong.

Sammie was competitive and driven. She exerted great leadership and was respected by many people. Sammie was truly an inspiration to all. She was someone whom you can count on no matter what.

Sammie was very special to us and a great friend like Sammie is hard to find and impossible to forget. Sammie held a very special place in our hearts and we dearly miss her.

We love you Sammie!!!